When I’m not thrift shopping, I am most comfortable being outside in nature, taking walks with our dog Oscar, hiking, reading a book, riding bikes with my two boys or even pulling weeds as long as it gets me outside!

I am also a foodie, I love to cook for my family and I get so excited to experiment with new foods and recipes.  There’s almost nothing I won’t try at least once!
What I love about Kimberly’s Closet:

I’ve been a bargain shopper ever since I could walk!  My Mom, sisters and I loved to find good deals growing up and that hasn’t stopped!  Most of my favorite outfits are one of a kind pieces you could only find at boutiques like Kimberly’s which is one of the reasons I LOVE to thrift shop.  Other’s have already found the good stuff and passed it along so now we get to enjoy the thrill of coming across something fun and unique.  I’m always stopping in to Kimberly’s Closet to find a new treasure and you’ll almost always see my Mom or sister shopping here if I’m not, which is why I figured it would be an awesome place to work!!

Julie’s Fashion Tip:

As far as fashion advice, if it makes you smile and brings you joy to wear it then it’s going to shine on the outside too.


What I love about Kimberly’s Closet:
I love the work environment and kindness at Kimberly’s. I enjoy helping people find awesome deals on high end clothing that’s cute and affordable. 
Sydney’s Fashion Tip:
Dress in whatever you feel the most comfortable and beautiful in!