“Every time I have gone into Kimberly’s Closet, the staff has been so friendly and helpful. They take extra steps to make you feel welcome and to make consigning with them easier. The selection of apparel they have for my daughter and I never disappoints us. I referred my friend there in a pinch who needed a dress for a wedding. She called the store, because she was short on time, and provided her sizes. When she went in, they had several outfits ready for her to try on, including shoes. It made her shopping experience so much easier and faster…and she was able to leave with a complete outfit within half an hour. I always enjoy my trips to the store.”

Melissa Walker, Customer and Consignor


“I love Kimberly’s Closet and Kimberly! Love the store in the old house, so comforting/relaxing. Such a variety of quality clothing in many trendy styles. Plus a great selection of scarves and handbags! Such a bright spot for Ashland downtown shopping!”

Mary Jo Janchar, Customer and Consignor


“Kimberly’s Closet is one of the best new stores that makes Ashland “Someplace Special.” I started shopping there when the store first opened on Union Street and was thrilled when she moved into a cool, new space on Claremont Avenue. Reasonable prices, quality merchandise, and her eye for display keeps me going back as often as I can. This wonderful consignment store is a very welcome addition to Ashland. On a personal note, shopping at the store had an unexpected bonus and that is the friendship that happened between Kim and myself. I almost see her as a second daughter. She is a good soul with a giving heart”

Nancy Wasen, Customer and Consignor


“I love Kimberly’s Closet so much I drive all the way from Wooster to shop there. I also always spend more money than I intend to, but that’s not a bad thing because I’m getting really good deals. I also like that Kimberly donates a portion of her bag sales to local charitable causes. Anyway, I love Kimberly’s. And I’m probably actually do for another trip soon!”

Laura Applegate, Customer and Consignor


“Kimberly’s Closet has become one of my “go to” places for local shopping!  It’s always a pleasure to be greeted by Melissa or Kim and I love the trendy selections to choose from!  They do a great job in selecting what they offer in their store!  Very upscale options for a “back on the rack” type boutique!  It’s fun to have an opportunity to purge what I no longer need and yet come home with new!  What a great asset for we ladies in Ashland and surrounding area!  And a cozy little atmosphere too!”

Judi Dickinson, Customer and Consignor


“What a pleasure to do business with such a great local store!  I love the huge variety of accessories as well as clothing!  And the fact that it is constantly changing as well as reasonably priced is a bonus!”

Heather Herrick, Customer and Consignor


“I like to look nice but have a limited budget. So for many years I have shopped Goodwill, Volunteers of America, Rummage Sales, and Consignment stores. For many years I had to travel to Cleveland and Columbus to find consignment or “second hand” stores. I was thrilled when Kimberly’s Closet opened in Ashland.  I like to support local and small businesses in my own community.  I have found many “treasures” there and have paid for them with credit I make on things I bring in to her that I haven’t worn and maybe someone else would. It’s a win-win!  I hope you choose Kimberly’s Closet for this honor.”

Kitty Snyder, Customer and Consignor


“I have been shopping at Kimberly’s Closet since they were on Union in that tiny little space you couldn’t move around in. I got to know Kim & Melissa & it was great having a place to find unique pieces you don’t find everywhere else, close to home. It wasn’t long before Kim outgrew that space & I see the same thing happening here. She runs a great business, has friendly staff, her customers love her & she gets involved & truly cares about the community she lives & works in. I cannot imagine this community without business owners like her & will continue to support her & Kimberly’s Closet because I believe in her & the person she is. I am blessed to have met her & look forward to seeing her grow. She is a wonderful asset to this community & am proud to know her & call her friend.”

Terri Staschke, Customer and Consignor