Step 1.


Our consignment process is very simple and straightforward. The first thing you will want to do as you are going through your clothes is to separate out any items which are dated, stained, or showing ANY signs of wear. Any items being brought to should be neatly folded and placed in totes, boxes, or baskets. Any item that would easily wrinkle should be left on the hanger (you will get these back.)


Step 2.

Making an Appointment

You can either bring items in on a walk in basis on Saturdays or make an appointment throughout the week. If possible, we will always try to go through your items while you wait as we do not have the storage space to hold items we aren’t accepting. We will go through your items to select those that we feel our customers will purchase. We price all items according to their retail value.



Step 3.

Earn Rewards

Consignors will receive 40% of the final selling price of the item, which may be discounted up to 50% off during the last two weeks of the consignment period. If you choose to use your earnings as store credit, we will take 10% off your purchase, whether your credit covers your purchase or not! We keep your items for 90 days and you may pick up any items which don’t sell during the last month of the consignment period.