As someone who has shopped thrift and consignment her entire life, Kimberly is someone who appreciates finding the “diamond in the rough.” Her mother instilled a sense of frugality in her which made her appreciate finding a good deal. She grew up looking forward to Friday trips to Goodwill or an early morning spent garage saleing. As she grew older and developed an interest in fashion, thrifting became a finely tuned talent of finding unique, vintage items that she knew no one else would have. The thrill of finding a great deal on designer items soon became an addiction!

After putting a career in Public Relations on hold to stay at home with her children, Kimberly decided she needed a new path that would allow her to use the career skills she had gained in her own, creative way. With a passion for thrifting and fashion, she knew consignment fashion was just what Ashland needed!

Kimberly is an Ashland University Alum with a B.A. in Speech Communication. She has continued her relationship with the university by hosting a number of interns in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, as well as working with the entrepreneurship class on several projects. She lives here in Ashland with her husband, Chad and three children: Lauren, Owen and Gwendolyn (and four furbabies: Lucy, Amos, Sox and Rascal.) 

Kimberly's Fashion Tip

I see consignment shops as a beautiful collage of styles. Retail shopping is restrictive in that you shop the stores or departments that carry the items you typically wear. When you look through our selection of clothing, keep an open mind. If you like it, try it! I like mixing styles together, something vintage with something new… something funky mixed with something casual. Always shop at least one size up and down, as different brands can vary greatly in sizing. Step outside your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to ask us for styling help!